Sunday, April 17, 2011

Who Are Cyber Attackers?

These are now sophisticated criminals. Many of them are foreign nations, many of them criminal entities, but they are not just using the standard grade hackers. Studies show that they are employing some of the most sophisticated minds in the world. Some of them are double, triple Phd’s in technology that are being paid to apply their skills to the network. It’s not a game anymore.

Note: extracted from interview with David Chalk about cyber attacks

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

David's Chalk Honours and Awards

Telly AwardImage via WikipediaOver the years David Chalk has received some very impressive and public accolades. This post summarizes some of his significant accomplishments.

- Top Marketer in Canada ~ Retail Council of Canada
- Entrepreneur of the Year ~ Ernst & Young
- Finalist Governor General award
- Doctorate Degree in Technology
- World documentary Freddy award for education
- Top 100 companies to work for
- Harvard study on Corporate Culture
- Fastest Growing Companies ~ Doppler Super Stores
- YEO entrepreneur of the Year
- BIV 40 under 40 Entrepreneur award
- Television Telly Award for TV Production
- RIM award for top app of the Year
- Yahoo award for design innovation
- Equity Magazine ~ Leader for the Next Millenniu
- American Marketing Association ~ for Web Desig
- Courage to come back Award
- Bandon-Hall Excellence Award ~ in Education
- IBM Retail Award ~ Excellence in managing
- TV Guide - Best Of ~ Top 40 TV shows in Canada

Congratulations David!
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Friday, April 1, 2011

Cyber Attacks Are on the Rise

Deepwater Horizon Flaring OperationRight now, I mean the reported cost and damage that is caused by cyber inappropriate activity is over 10 trillion a year and that’s going to go up exponentially because right now there is absolutely nothing, no matter who claims they can, no matter what system they say they have, it’s just a matter of time and something will slip through the system because they are only protecting certain parts of it and that’s why with volume nothing is really changing.

You are going to hear more and more about them because more things are connected together. They rely on cyber, the invisible world more often. So when sputnex goes off and damages a nuclear reactor, it was inevitable. When BP deep water horizon blows up it was inevitable. It is simply volume and it’s going to continue to increase because those on the dark side know that all systems cannot catch them while they are doing it. They investigate after the fact. All criminal elements form states and the criminal element know that there is a way to get into the systems and they know the systems will only work in hindsight to determine what happened. They can’t prevent what is going to happen.

Note: extracted from interview with David Chalk about cyber attacks

Image by DVIDSHUB via Flickr 

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why BP Oil Spill Occured

Anchor-handling tugboats battle the blazing re... British Petroleam (BP) report was put out on what caused the BP Deepwater Horizon to blow up. There were four main reasons given. One, operator error so the operators don’t have enough information, so they can’t predict it. Secondly, there wasn’t causal information meaning the computer systems can’t tell them what is causing this to happen to make proper decisions and then the third one was a word called algorithms.

Algorithms work on the problem, that is when you collect all the information and then put it in the database for analysis, they work like lawyers. They look for patterns. They work as hard as they can to put a case together to find out what wrong, but lawyers work after the fact, algorithms work after the fact. So it wouldn’t matter how many algorithms, how many millions of them you had analyzing the data, the bottom line is the event has already taken place.

The only thing that can prevent a disaster is causal information flowing to a decision maker and the decision maker knows they have the cause of the incident and makes the appropriate choice.

Note: extracted from interview with David Chalk about cyber attacks

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Friday, March 25, 2011

What Are People Saying About David Chalk? - Part 4

Again, feel from to peruse over Part 1,  Part 2 and Part 3 of these series of testimonials. They are not in any specific order so go ahead and dive in.

“Let's start with WOW. 

What a perfect name David has choosen for his new venture. He is truly a one of a kind entreprenur with unpresidented vision and ideas. 

I have known David for about 10 years and he has contributed imensely to my company in several areas of branding, marketing, technlogy, social media, video production and business ideas. 

If I seem to be praising David in the highest light, you are right. Please reach out to David for your marketing and branding ideas soon if you want to catch him early in his new start up because a year from now I'm sure they will be booked solid. 

David will transform your way of looking at your customers and even how you perceive your business. If you can catch one of his talks on the national speaking circut or on the radio, listen in and you'll be suprised at his depth in all levels of business. 

Great work David!” - Calvin J., 
hired ( Dr.) David as a Business Consultant in 2009, and hired ( Dr.) David more than once

“There are creative people....and then there is David Chalk. I have been fortunate to have watched and admired David over the last 10 years in the various business endeavors he has engaged in. He has the gift of seeing the 'invisible opportunities' that most of us so often miss. Weather it's technology trends, or branding philosopy, David has steered so many in the right direction. Truly a creative wizard.” - Ewen D., President, COO, Dowco Technology Services Ltd
was with another company when working with ( Dr.) David at

“David, as the founder of Chalk Media, created an organization with a strong and thriving culture. This environment of talent and teamwork developed into a brand we could all be proud of. David, as a leader and the public face of our organization, championed the importance of personifying our brand, and worked to ensure our brand integrity. David’s passion for branding has evolved into his next venture: The Wow Factory, where he is sharing his beliefs and expertise with organizations interested in developing and strengthening their brand.” - Vicky R., Director of Interactive Production,

“David is a passionate entrepreneur and speaker who really connects with people by sharing his insights on technology, marketing and branding. His knowledge of the digital world made a big impact as the keynote speaker at Carlson Wagonlit Travel's conference in Florida. I enjoy working with David and would recommend his services to any business.” - Jackie P., 
hired ( Dr.) David as a Keynote Speaker

Do you have testimonials? Perhaps they are on your LinkedIn profile. What are they?

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What Are People Saying About David Chalk? - Part 3

Feel free to visit Part 1 and Part 2 of these series, but note they aren't in any special order. Get another glimpse into the mind of David Chalk and his high level of functioning.

David Chalk is a foward-thinking senior business executive with deep IT knowledge and real life business experience. It is this *combination* that is David's secret sauce. 

I have known David since 1976 and he has always been an achiever—in his personal endeavors and his business ventures. 

I recommended his company (Chalk Media) in 1996 to do a video for a new CRM related software tool and he delivered a compelling video that told the right story to our audience. At the time his work as the message visionary was leading-edge stuff!

Again, I hired him in 2000 to produce a flash sales-presentation-tutorial for a knowledge management product called Plan B, and again he asked all the right questions to get to the heart of our needs and more importantly he zeroed in on the needs our ideal customer to produce something that worked. 

I would not hesitate to recommend David (in his new organization)—as the go-to guy—whenever you need a senior and seasoned marketing mind to tackle a challenge your company is having. He can help you grow your business. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss his credentials and a fit for your business requirements.” - Guy Steeves

“Dave Chalk is unique! I have known Dave for 20 years and I can honestly say that he is one of the few people I have met that possess such clarity, purpose and vision. Dave thinks on a completely different plane than most and as such can conceive of and deliver results that will exceed expectations. Dave’s marketing savvy combined with his successful track record gives him a depth and breadth of knowledge that others can now benefit from in his new venture. Dave has my highest recommendation.” - Steve J., President & CEO, FrontBridge Technologies
, The WOW

David Chalk is a visionary and creative genius who understands new business directions often before the rest of the world catches up. He is a leader who is truly dedicated to helping people make the most of their professional and personal lives.” - Dana J., Director of Production, Chalk Media
worked indirectly for ( Dr.) David at The WOW

“David is a brilliant entrepreneur who introduced me not only to the computer business, but exposed me to the intracacies of business and marketing strategy. No wonder he was a top Under-40 achiever with YEO. Although David understood every aspect of running and growing a thriving business, his real passions were in marketing and branding, realizing early on that branding not only the business but every differentiating feature of it was key. David remains among the most savvy business marketers I've ever known.” - Gary Meehan, VP, Operations, Doppler Computer Superstores
reported to ( Dr.) David at

What are some of your favourite quotes? All comments / questions are welcomed with open arms.

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