Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why BP Oil Spill Occured

Anchor-handling tugboats battle the blazing re... British Petroleam (BP) report was put out on what caused the BP Deepwater Horizon to blow up. There were four main reasons given. One, operator error so the operators don’t have enough information, so they can’t predict it. Secondly, there wasn’t causal information meaning the computer systems can’t tell them what is causing this to happen to make proper decisions and then the third one was a word called algorithms.

Algorithms work on the problem, that is when you collect all the information and then put it in the database for analysis, they work like lawyers. They look for patterns. They work as hard as they can to put a case together to find out what wrong, but lawyers work after the fact, algorithms work after the fact. So it wouldn’t matter how many algorithms, how many millions of them you had analyzing the data, the bottom line is the event has already taken place.

The only thing that can prevent a disaster is causal information flowing to a decision maker and the decision maker knows they have the cause of the incident and makes the appropriate choice.

Note: extracted from interview with David Chalk about cyber attacks

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