Friday, April 1, 2011

Cyber Attacks Are on the Rise

Deepwater Horizon Flaring OperationRight now, I mean the reported cost and damage that is caused by cyber inappropriate activity is over 10 trillion a year and that’s going to go up exponentially because right now there is absolutely nothing, no matter who claims they can, no matter what system they say they have, it’s just a matter of time and something will slip through the system because they are only protecting certain parts of it and that’s why with volume nothing is really changing.

You are going to hear more and more about them because more things are connected together. They rely on cyber, the invisible world more often. So when sputnex goes off and damages a nuclear reactor, it was inevitable. When BP deep water horizon blows up it was inevitable. It is simply volume and it’s going to continue to increase because those on the dark side know that all systems cannot catch them while they are doing it. They investigate after the fact. All criminal elements form states and the criminal element know that there is a way to get into the systems and they know the systems will only work in hindsight to determine what happened. They can’t prevent what is going to happen.

Note: extracted from interview with David Chalk about cyber attacks

Image by DVIDSHUB via Flickr 

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